Who we are


  • are a group of researchers who thrive in a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary environment.
  • are passionate about interdisciplinary research that dissolves the distinction between quantitative analysis and wet lab research.
  • apply modeling to understand and design complex biological systems using a wide range of approaches.
  • develop innovative methods and techniques to generate unique datasets and formulate novel approaches to analyze them.
  • design and disseminate next-generation technologies.
  • make significant contributions to basic and applied sciences.

What we do

  • To provide platform for collaborative research, training and services with participation of researchers from within the institute as well as scientists/technologists from other leading academic institutions and industries of the country and abroad, for cutting-edge research and training.
  • To provide the nation with highly trained professionals, who are able to implement the technological and scientific principles to the continuous improvement of quality and value-added services.
  • To provide quality infrastructure for research, training and services with well-equipped laboratories, library and classrooms, so as to strengthen all the areas offered in the field of bioinformatics, computational and systems biology with the team of skilled professionals, who can stimulate, motivate, guide, direct, test and evaluate the performance of the budding researchers.


The institutions and companies who’ve believed in us and our vision…