Training and Workshop

We offer an integrative, multidisciplinary training programme that encompasses biology using computational and quantitative methods. Students learn to apply the tools of statistics, mathematics, computer science and informatics to biological problems. Training programmes are meant for Bachelors or Masters Students. Our training programmes include:

Advanced specialized training

The programme has duration of 6 months. It is very specialized training in which students can choose specific course according to their need and interest.

Duration of training

6 months

Programme commencement

January, April and September

Application deadline

One month prior to the commencement of the programme

Selection criteria

Letter of motivation or SOP, Interview (optional)



Modules for advanced specialized training

Drug development: Ligand-based methods for identification of novel bioactive molecules, Receptor-based drug identification by molecular docking, Epitope-based vaccine designing.

Advanced proteomics: Quantitative proteomics (Labeled and label-free) and systems biology based interactome building.

Big Data analysis: Next generation sequencing, transcriptomics, RNA-Seq data analysis, epigenetics analysis and amplicon sequencing data analysis, open source repositories and reanalysis.

Genome editing and Functional genomics: CRISPR editing strategies and analysis, small RNA databases, miRNA mediated regulation (miRBASE), ENCODE project, Rosetta stone approach for protein function prediction. Development of novel algorithms to mimic endogenous cellular conditions to identify potential off-targets in various vertebrate genomes including humans.

Metagenomics: Data analysis using conventional and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Species identification and molecular phylogenetics.

Machine learning: Application of machine learning techniques on biological data, programming in MATLAB, Perl, Python, SQL etc.

Metabolomics: Data acquisition from metabolomics data repositories (MetaboLights, ChEBI) and subsequent integration with metabolomic visualization tools (Reactome).

Student projects

PRTF offers project-oriented students training programmes for hands-on research experiments in bioinformatics. We provide an opportunity through Long-Term and Short-term training programmes to students from bioinformatics to work on a specific domain of Bioinformatics. The duration will be 2 months for short-term and 6 months for long term programmes. These trainings are meant for the partial fulfillment of the degree courses such as B.Sc., M.Sc. and M.Tech by various Universities. In addition to research, there will be research presentation.

Collaborative training

As a part of intellectual and academic services programme, centre also conducts on-demand or collaborative workshops/conferences at various organization on contemporary topics and hot areas of research. Duration of each workshop is 3 or 5 days. The fees and other services vary depending on the invited speakers and venue of the programme.

BINC training

PRTF provides short-term classroom training for BioInformatics National Certification (BINC) examination conducted by Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL). Qualifiers of this examination get certification of Bioinformatics from Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. The motive of this examination is to certify bioinformatics professionals and recognize candidate's theoretical and practical ability... more