The Pathfinder Research and Training Foundation (PRTF) serves as an advanced platform for diverse research endeavors, including drug discovery, NGS analysis, metagenomics, structural biology, large-scale cell imaging, machine learning, and software development. The center is dedicated to excellence and leadership in scientific research, training, and fostering an interdisciplinary perspective on computational and systems biology. PRTF focuses on advancing research in Informatics and Systems Biology, encompassing drug design, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and related fields. Our highly qualified scientists and research interns delve into contemporary academic and industrial topics, with the aim of producing impactful publications or innovative products.

Institutional research projects

The institute offers grant and a state-of-art infrastructure to conduct cutting edge research. The institute grants a limited number of research fellowships to the meritorious researchers. The fellowships will be at par with the government funding agencies.

Duration of the project : 6 months to 5 years (as per project rules)

Program commencement : Availability of project (through advertisement)

Application deadline : Open throughout the year

Tentative fee : None

Number of seats : As per the running projects and availability (variable)

Selection criteria : Curriculum vitae, research proposal and statement of purpose

Outcome of the project : Next level funding, International positions, research papers, patent, products and transfer of technology.

External funded research projects

Funding from other organizations

Highly meritorious candidates with novel hypothesis and scientific merit of the project having their own Government fellowship shall be eligible to pursue research at Pathfinder Research and Training foundation. As a prior requisite prospective candidates must have their own fellowship grant from National or International funding bodies (such as UGC, CSIR, ICMR, DST, DBT etc.) before applying for the research positions. The terms and conditions of the project shall be as per the fellowship rules given by the funding agency. Any intellectual property rights arising from the work (in the form of publication or patent) shall be jointly shared with Pathfinder Research and Training foundation, funding body and researcher. Project proposal within the thrust areas of the institute and National importance shall only be considered. Final selection shall be a subject to the eligibility criteria laid down by the funding agency and regulations of the Institute.

Duration of the project : As per the funding agency guidelines

Program commencement : Throughout the year

Application deadline : Throughout the year

Tentative fee : None (free)

Number of seats : Variable

Selection criteria : Curriculum vitae, Fellowship award letter

Outcome of the project : Next level funding, International positions, research papers, patent, products.


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Converting theoretical knowledge into practical skills

We provide an integrative and multidisciplinary training program that encompasses essential biological laboratory techniques necessary for routine lab work. Additionally, we offer programs where students can acquire skills in applying statistical, mathematical, computer science, and informatics tools to solve biological problems. These training initiatives are tailored for both Bachelor's and Master's level students.

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